Free Huawei Unlock Tool E220, E160x, E169x, K3520, K4505, K3565, K3765 etc.

I found this tool over Internet and with it you can unlock your Huawei modem if you have the right code. To get the tool, click here.
If you own a Vodafone Huawei modem, one of these models : E220, E160x, E169x, K3520, K4505, K3565, K3765 etc. and you want to totaly change the branded dashboard (software that automaticaly installs once you plug in the modem in usb), then you must first update your dongle’s hardware profile – it is available here : E169x&K3520Update_11.314.21.31.00.B418.exe .
Once you have upgraded your device’s hardware, then you can start upgrading its firmware with the default’s Huawei’s one. I mirrored it from their website, and you can get it from here :
Well, now all you have to do is to get the unlock code ! 🙂 this is simple and easy, I can also help you get this code and all I need is your IMEI code. You can find it writen on back of your device.

Please also let us know and specify your modem model when asking for codes, thanks !

I will answer as soon as possible with codes while I recive an email when you reply to this article. Sometimes in minutes, so watch me !

If this article was helpfull, a donation of 1-2$ or more would be helpfull too ! Don’t forget that you could pay over 15$ for unlocking your device on other website than here for free and can take longer.

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  1. Salut ! Am nevoie de cod de deblocare
    Huawei E352s-2
    Imei: 867528001628793

  2. salut
    unlock code huawei b662 864850020590330.multumesc

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